ZEST installs state of the art security features in Belfast call centre for Fortune 500 company.

A Belfast call centre needed to provide a unique security feature for one of its clients. The client (A Fortune 500 company) required an invisible laser fence within the huge call centre facility.

The Optex Redscan Laser wall system provides invisible wall security provides an invisible divide in the call Belfast centre.

Optex Redscan

ZEST installed a series of Optex Redscan units across the call centre. This provides an invisible laser wall security system down the middle of the call centre. In conjunction with a physical partition the laser wall provides security for the Fortune 500 company with a workspace that’s in the call centre but private from the rest of the companies working within.

A physical partition provides privacy whilst the laser wall provides an extra level of security.

ZEST would like to thank Optex for supplying their exciting new technology, the call centre and the Fortune 500 company. (who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.)

How the Redcan system would look (if we could see it!)

The ZEST team looks forward to teaming up with Optex again in the near future and are excited about provided their innovative products for future clients.